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‘The Future Lies with AI Technologies and HSE University Understands That’

Ivan Arzhantsev
At the AI Journey 2023 international conference in Moscow, a ranking of Russian universities that train the best AI specialists was published. HSE University entered the A+ leadership group, taking first place according to such criteria as ‘Demand for hiring graduates’, ‘Quality of educational environment’, and ‘Activities for the development of school education’. Ivan Arzhantsev, Dean of HSE University’s Faculty of Computer Science, spoke to the HSE News Service about how AI specialists are trained at HSE University and what plans the university has in this area.

‘Students at HSE University’s Faculty of Physics Receive a World-Class Education’

Mikhail Trunin
On October 10, 2016, the Faculty of Physics was created at HSE University. It was the university’s first natural science faculty. Its first master’s students graduated in 2019, its first bachelor’s students completed their studies in 2021, and the first doctoral students will do the same in 2023 after beginning their bachelor’s studies in 2017. In his interview, Mikhail Trunin, Dean of HSE University’s Faculty of Physics, talks about the Kapitsa educational system implemented at the faculty, the results that have been achieved in seven years of work, and what is still missing.

Victoria Panova: 'To Achieve Genuine Success in Our Development, Coordinated Efforts of All Subdivisions of the University Are Essential'

Victoria Panova
International academic and educational cooperation is a vital aspect of activities for Russian universities. At the beginning of the new academic year, Vice Rector Victoria Panova addresses HSE's initiatives in this area.