HSE University Strategic Development

HSE University is a leading Russian academic institution in economic, social, managerial, mathematical and computer sciences. Founded in an era of profound transformation for Russia’s economy and society, the University constantly aims to broaden its scope in response to growing demand for interdisciplinary approaches to research and education.

HSE University is more than just an academic institution. Standing as a premier choice for the most gifted young minds and positioned as a flagship institution in Russian higher education, it also serves as a prominent expert and analytical centre. Our alumni exemplify exceptional talents, while our colleagues pioneer groundbreaking research at the frontiers of various fields. HSE University proudly stands as a key player in our country’s national development. I believe that effective teamwork and our immense scientific, teaching, and student potential will help us meet all set tasks, as well as accelerate our progress towards building one of the world’s best universities.



Nikita Anisimov
HSE University Rector

HSE University History


Greenfield project

  • HSE founded in Moscow with less than 200 students (1992)
  • 2 programmes in economics: bachelor’s and master’s (1992)


Turning into university

  • Becoming University: programmes in sociology, law, management, political sciences
  • New campuses: Nizhny Novgorod (1996), St Petersburg and Perm (1997)
  • First double-degree programme with London School of Economics (1997)


National research university


Growth and diversification

From 2021

Establishing priorities

  • HSE joins Priority-2030 academic leadership programme (2021)
  • Launch of Artificial Intelligence Centre under a federal grant (2021)
  • Launch of Engineering and Mathematics School together with VK (2022)
  • HSE enters top 100 of QS World Rankings by Subject in Mathematics, Education & Training, Philosophy, Linguistics
  • HSE enters top 100 of ARWU academic subject rankings in Mathematics

HSE University Today

  • >55,000 

    students from more than 140 countries

  • >260 

    partner universities all over the world

  • >310 

    degree programmes across 32 faculties

  • >110 

    research centres

  • >70 

    joint departments with corporate and academic partners

Mission and Strategic Goal

Our mission is to advance the global competitiveness of Russian science and education across a wide range of activities, while also creating and promoting new intellectual and academic products and technologies so as to ensure sustainability and evolution in a rapidly changing world. With this in mind, we are forecasting an environment where new talents can develop and realize their potential.

HSE University's strategic goal is to strengthen Russia's position amidst heightened global competition for intellectual capital, S&T achievements, and economic and social performance and sustainability.

To achieve this goal, the University aims to address the following key issues:

  • developing fundamentally new solutions in the organisation of scientific research and education
  • creating new academic exchange networks and centres for academic excellence
  • proactively investing in comparative research in social and economic sciences
  • maximising the potential of digital solutions
  • enhancing the professional potential of the university’s staff

HSE Development Model

Responding to the interests and aspirations of stakeholders is vital to HSE University’s success. In our work we focus on the following groups of stakeholders, perform our activities, and develop strategies in order to maximise their benefits and effectively use their contributions.


Strategic Development Overview

Complex Development Programmes

To achieve its strategic objectives, HSE University is implementing two integrated development programmes:

  • The Priority 2030 Academic Leadership Programme, funded by a long-term grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, being among eight leading leading national research universities that have obtained the largest grant 
  • Development Programme 2030, which has been approved by the Russian Government

These programmes foresee the integrated development of all areas of HSE University's activities, from education and R&D to infrastructure and sustainable development, as well as the implementation of strategic projects in five core academic areas where we have long demonstrated our outstanding abilities and vision.

Strategic Priorities

Strategic Development Management

Integrated strategic development in a changing environment means regularly updating priorities, making new strategic decisions, and carefully monitoring their implementation. For the purpose of involving all stakeholders in our strategic development, a multilevel management system has been created at HSE University. This makes it possible for us to track trends in multifaceted academic fields, determine relevant needs, and create effective instruments to respond to them.


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